Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn

Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn

For A Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn You Found The Right Place! Our Plumbers Specialize In Water Heater Repairs Which Includes Thermocouple Replacement And Water Heater Replacement!

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Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn

Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn
Date Published: 04/15/2014
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Electric Water Heater Element Repair Auburn


Install new water heater element

Installing new element.
Slide the new element into the

Screw the element in with your
hand until the rubber gasket
touches the metal tank.

Tighten the element with the water
heater element wrench.

Attach wires to new element
Install the two element wires on
the new element.
Turn the drain valve off and and remove the garden hose.

Open the water supply valve and fill the tank. Let the kitchen
faucet run until all the air is out of the line. Replace the aerator.

Open the hot side of all the faucets in the house to remove
any air that may be trapped.

Check the new elements closely. If they are not leaking you are
ready to replace the plastic safety covers, insulation and access

Turn the power on. You should have a full tank of hot water in
about an hour.

Water heater element replacement FAQ

Can I open the water heater relief valve to drain the tank?

Yes you can but its not recommended. The relief valve handle
is spring loaded, if it snaps shut it could damage the valve.

Why do you recommend opening the kitchen faucet instead
of the faucet nearest the water heater?

When you drain and fill an older water heater there will be a lot
of calcium deposits, rust and sediment flowing through the water
line. If a faucet stem becomes clogged the kitchen faucet is the
easiest to work on.
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