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Water Heater Replacement Citrus Heights – Water Heaters

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Thanks for visiting Water Heater Repair Plumbing we sell and install hot water heaters throughout all of Citrus Heights. We are dedicated to Water Heater Replacementproviding the best solution for all your water heating needs. If you are in the market to replace your water heater you need to consider adding an expansion tank. Read more about importance of thermal expansion tanks. To see if your home requires a thermal expansion tank click on your city page from our service area page.

My water heater is leaking, what should I do?

AO Smith water heaters installing two ao smith hot water heaters in series

Professional Installation on every Water Heater Replacement sold

  • Copper supply lines
    Thermal Expansion Tank
    New Ball Valve
    Gas line hard piped
    New gas shutoff valve

Installing two 40 gallon water heaters is more efficient and provides more hot water than one 80 gallon tank.

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  • New Energy Efficiency requirements for 2015

There are a lot of changes that have had an impact on the types of water heaters available today. The energy conservation efforts have increased the demand for efficiency which is having an impact on the way we heat our water. In 2004 the Department of Energy set a requirement that all residential gas water heaters will need an energy factor of .58 or better. This seems to have had a slight impact on the reliability of gas water heaters.

Starting April of 2015 the Department of Energy will require that all gas water heaters under 55 gallons to meet an even higher Energy Factor. Most of the water heaters sold today will not meet the new requirement for residential water heaters. An extra 2″ of insulation will be required which will increase the diameter of the tank. This will create some problems for water heaters that are in tight spaces. For some people with limited space you will either have to move to a different location or consider a different type of tank.

If the trend continues the standards set by the Department of Energy will ultimately change the way we heat our water. Tankless and Power Vent Water Heaters are among the highest in efficiency and may start to make more sense as the Energy Factor requirements increase.

Power Vent water heaters are most commonly installed in homes that do not have a way to vent the flue of the water heater. Many older homes may have removed an old fireplace when adding an addition or completing a remodel. In this case a traditional Atmospheric water heater would not be an option.

A power vent water heater uses PVC to direct the exhaust out the side of the house, similar to a high efficiency furnace. Bradford White power vent water heaters are available in .62 EF or .67 EF.